Planning Your Funeral
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Planning Your Funeral

Nearly 5 years ago, my husband’s precious maternal grandmother passed away. This special woman had an amazing sense of humor and a flair for life. Without saying a word, she could make me laugh with just a look. Several years before her death, she visited a local funeral home in order to plan her funeral services. When she passed away, the family didn’t have to deal with the stress of organizing her farewell services. They could relax, grieve, and concentrate on the wonderful memories they shared with her. I've grown to appreciate this. On this blog, you will discover the steps required to plan your own funeral.

Planning Your Funeral

  • Four Times When Cremation May Be The Best Option

    23 June 2018

    When a loved one passes away, the overwhelming grief can make it tough to think through decisions and make wise choices. One of the biggest choices you will need to make during this time of loss is how to handle your loved one's remains. Many people opt for a typical embalming and burial, but there is another option: cremation. Here are four instances in which cremation may be the best choice for your loved one's remains.

  • A Look At Common Funeral Terms To Understand During Pre-Planning

    22 May 2018

    Making the decision to plan your own funeral is something that a lot of people shy away from, but it really is a responsible and thoughtful way to ensure two things. One, your surviving relatives will not be left planning your funeral at a time of mourning. Two, you can ensure the funeral you get is exactly what you wanted. While planning a funeral in itself can feel a little overwhelming, there are things you can do in advance to take a little of the awkwardness out of the situation.

  • Cremation Options: What To Do With The Ashes After A Loved One Passes

    18 April 2018

    If a loved one passed away and is now getting cremated instead of buried, you should know a bit more about cremation options. Once you have the ashes, it's possible to do several things with them. The exact approach you choose to take may vary based on the request of the deceased when he or she was still alive as well as what you think is best for the family.

  • Three Instances Of Anticipatory Grief That Could Compel You To Get Help

    23 March 2018

    While people often view grief as something that occurs after a traumatic or otherwise upsetting event, it's important to remember that you can actually begin to experience grief in advance of something bad happening. In the counseling community, this situation is commonly known as "anticipatory grief." Many people experience this form of grief, as well as a different type of grief later on after the unwanted event has taken place. If you're noticing signs of anticipatory grief, don't feel as though you need to wait to get help from a grief counselor.

  • Considerations For Ordering A Headstone For Your Deceased Pet

    27 February 2018

    You have many options to consider after a beloved pet passes away. One choice that many pet owners opt for is to have the pet cremated, and then bury or scatter the cremated remains afterward. While you might wish to scatter the remains on a favorite trail that your dog enjoyed, for example, an alternative is to keep them closer to home and scatter or bury them in your backyard. If so, you may wish to set up a small headstone that pays tribute to your pet.