Planning Your Funeral
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Planning Your Funeral

Nearly 5 years ago, my husband’s precious maternal grandmother passed away. This special woman had an amazing sense of humor and a flair for life. Without saying a word, she could make me laugh with just a look. Several years before her death, she visited a local funeral home in order to plan her funeral services. When she passed away, the family didn’t have to deal with the stress of organizing her farewell services. They could relax, grieve, and concentrate on the wonderful memories they shared with her. I've grown to appreciate this. On this blog, you will discover the steps required to plan your own funeral.

Planning Your Funeral

  • 3 Vital Steps When Making Your Final Arrangements

    15 November 2017

    Have you been giving thought to what will happen once you pass on? Are you wanting to make your final arrangements as easy as possible for everyone? Making arrangements for your own funeral is clearly less pleasant than spending an afternoon at the park or doing some other entertaining activity, but it's obviously something that you know should be done. In order to make sure that everything is taken care of in the manner that you want, there are some things that you need to at least consider doing right now.

  • Tips For Helping Mourners As They Plan A Cremation Service

    30 October 2017

    When people are mourning the loss of a loved one, they may not always be thinking clearly. It can be one of the most painful things they ever experienced, and they may need help with the cremation service. However, it's not always easy for bereaved people to ask for help. Follow these tips to help mourners plan and hold the cremation service they want for the lost loved one. Tip: Find Out the Rules and Laws of Areas Where They Want to Hold the Service

  • Tips For Dealing With Choices In Funeral Planning

    8 October 2017

    Planning a funeral is probably something you don't have to do very often. The first time is usually when a close loved one dies and you are overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. Funeral planning can be stressful and difficult during such a time. Planning a funeral in advance alleviates some of the pressure, but if your loved one didn't make arrangements, the decisions may be yours alone to make. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Reasons To Scatter Your Loved One's Remains In A Cemetery Garden

    26 September 2017

    If your loved one has opted for cremation and you and the surviving family members find yourselves evaluating what to do with the cremated remains, scattering them in a special area is often a popular choice. Thinking of a place with significance to your loved one — sometimes, those who preplan their funerals will even specify this location in advance — might be atop your list of priorities, but it's also worthwhile to consider another location.

  • Graveside Service Options To Consider For Your Loved One

    10 September 2017

    While you may spend a lot of time and effort planning the funeral service for your loved one, you may be unsure about which types of things to include in his or her graveside service. Use this guide to help plan your loved one's burial service to provide a touching tribute and a chance for your family to get the closure they need. Prayer Service In addition to prayers and readings at the funeral, you can have your chaplain or minister perform a graveside prayer service.