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Planning Your Funeral

Nearly 5 years ago, my husband’s precious maternal grandmother passed away. This special woman had an amazing sense of humor and a flair for life. Without saying a word, she could make me laugh with just a look. Several years before her death, she visited a local funeral home in order to plan her funeral services. When she passed away, the family didn’t have to deal with the stress of organizing her farewell services. They could relax, grieve, and concentrate on the wonderful memories they shared with her. I've grown to appreciate this. On this blog, you will discover the steps required to plan your own funeral.

Planning Your Funeral

Tips To Remember When You Get A Stuffed Animal Cremation Urn

Nora Mitchelle

When it comes to picking out a cremation urn to hold the remains of a recently deceased loved one, metal and porcelain urns aren't the only types of choose. You might not be aware of stuffed animal urns, which are essentially ordinary-looking stuffed animals with a container inside them to hold the remains. This type of urn can work in many different situations, but it may especially be desirable if you've lost a child. Placing the child's cremated remains in this type of urn may be a comfort, especially if your child loved stuff animals. If you take this approach, here are some tips to remember.

Find A Special Place For It

You may have a number of different stuffed animals in your home, especially if you have multiple children. You won't want to put the stuffed animal urn with the other stuffed animals, as the former could get damaged through play — for example, food might get spilled on it or it could get ripped. You'll generally want to find a special place for the urn. Perhaps you're making somewhat of a shrine to your deceased child in a cabinet. Alongside the photos and other mementos, the stuffed animal urn will be appropriate.

Talk To Your Other Children

The ages of your surviving children will influence how you speak to them about your deceased child. For younger children, they may not understand what has happened. Older children, however, will. You need to get the message across that the stuffed animal urn isn't a toy. Children commonly gravitate toward stuffed animals, and the cute and cuddly appearance of the urn may make a child want to play with it. You need to be very clear that this isn't a toy and that your children must keep their hands off it.

Keep It Away From Pets

Sometimes, dogs will grab a child's stuffed animal and destroy it. Doing so is innocent, because many people buy stuffed toys for their dogs and it's impossible for the pet to differentiate what is a toy and what isn't. The last thing you want is the horror of your dog destroying what is likely one of the most sacred items in your home. Think about the place that you're storing the stuffed animal urn. Some people may place it on the bed of the deceased child. This can work, but you need to feel confident that your dog won't hop up and grab it. If there's any doubt, consider keeping the bedroom door shut or finding a different location.

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