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Planning Your Funeral

Nearly 5 years ago, my husband’s precious maternal grandmother passed away. This special woman had an amazing sense of humor and a flair for life. Without saying a word, she could make me laugh with just a look. Several years before her death, she visited a local funeral home in order to plan her funeral services. When she passed away, the family didn’t have to deal with the stress of organizing her farewell services. They could relax, grieve, and concentrate on the wonderful memories they shared with her. I've grown to appreciate this. On this blog, you will discover the steps required to plan your own funeral.

Planning Your Funeral

Selecting Burial Clothes For Your Loved One: Four Things To Consider

Nora Mitchelle

When it comes to arranging the funeral for a loved one, selecting the burial clothes can be a difficult but important part of the process. If you are tasked with making the final arrangements for a relative, use this guide to help select the appropriate burial clothes for your loved one.

Final Directives And Funeral Plans

In some cases, your loved one may have made his or her wishes about burial clothing known. If there is a last will and testament, or if your relative pre-planned part of the funeral, look to see if there is any direction about burial clothing. If not, use his or her personal tastes as a guide to select the right clothing for burial.

Religious Considerations

Depending on your loved one's religion, there may be certain clothing items or accessories that he or she might have wanted to wear. This could be a rosary or crucifix, or it could be a burial shroud or gown. If you are unsure about which religious attire your loved one should be buried in, consider asking his or her spiritual leader.

Personal Style

While some people prefer to dress their loved ones in more formal attire, the choice really is up to you when selecting clothing. You can opt for items that show off your loved one's personality or sense of style as a tribute to the way he or she lived. For example, someone who was a dedicated fan of a particular sports team could be buried in a jersey or T-shirt from the team. A person who took his or her profession very seriously might be buried in an article of clothing related to the profession, such as a lab coat. The burial attire offers a chance to respect the way your loved one lived, so consider clothing that is a true reflection of his or her personality.

Additional Options

In addition to an outfit, you may want to consider other items that you might want placed in the casket. This might include a childhood blanket he or she kept throughout the years, or it could include a photo of the deceased's children and grandchildren. Some relatives might take comfort in knowing that these items will accompany your loved one through this next journey. Talk to your family about which items they wish to have placed in the casket. If you are unsure about what to select for your loved one, you can request the assistance of your funeral home director. In some cases, the funeral home can arrange for the purchase of clothing if you do not have any items you can provide in advance.

For more information and help with selecting burial clothes, talk with a funeral director at a local funeral home, such as FitzGerald-Sommer Funeral Home.