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Planning Your Funeral

Nearly 5 years ago, my husband’s precious maternal grandmother passed away. This special woman had an amazing sense of humor and a flair for life. Without saying a word, she could make me laugh with just a look. Several years before her death, she visited a local funeral home in order to plan her funeral services. When she passed away, the family didn’t have to deal with the stress of organizing her farewell services. They could relax, grieve, and concentrate on the wonderful memories they shared with her. I've grown to appreciate this. On this blog, you will discover the steps required to plan your own funeral.

Planning Your Funeral

Writing An Obituary For A Funeral Home That Creates A Great Eulogy

Nora Mitchelle

When loved ones pass away and are displayed in a funeral home, it is critical to deliver a great eulogy that honors their memory. One of the best ways to do this is to create a great obituary that can help direct the writing of a stirring eulogy.

Understanding The Connection Between The Two

When writing an obituary to give to a funeral home, it is important to understand how it will relate to the eulogy. Eulogies given by someone who did not know the person who passed away can often feel impersonal. Why? The person delivering them usually focuses on what is written in the obituary and expands on it in very limited ways.

As a result, it is important to write an obituary that is very strong and which talks of the loved one in very diverse and engaging terms. Even if the person delivering the eulogy knew the person who passed, it is still a good idea to write a great obituary. A strong obituary can give them a good idea of what to focus on during the eulogy.

Take Time Writing The Obituary

Writing an obituary is always a hard thing for anyone to do. Most people will feel compelled to include as much as possible in it as a way of honoring their loved one. However, most newspapers have a word limit that makes it impossible to include everything. That's why it is important to focus on the loved one's favorite activities, the best moments in their lives, and their family members.

Discussing the details of their life in-depth is impossible, so it is best to focus on a few key points. For example, weddings, the birth of children, and their careers are always important to point out. After writing a good obituary, turn it in to the funeral home. They will process it and even send it to the newspaper to ensure that it runs on time.

Using The Obit For The Eulogy

As mentioned above, whoever reads the eulogy is likely to use the obituary as a guide. Before they deliver their speech, it is a good idea to sit down with them in the funeral home to talk about what should be said during the service. During this meeting, it is possible to give them a better idea of who the person was and discuss important points in their life that could not be mentioned in the obituary.

For example, their passion for a certain author or sports team could be used to create interesting anecdotes about their life. In this way, those at the funeral home and the funeral get a better understanding of the person who has passed and foster an incredible eulogy.

For more information, contact funeral homes in your area.